Azure and Volcanic Hues

The cobalt blue, the ash sand of Perivolos
black beach and the uninterrupted
beauty across the South Aegean Sea await you!

An uninterrupted view of the South Aegean Sea is offered to you by our iconic location, Perivolos-Agios Georgios black beach. Whether you prefer to unwind on the comfortable wooden deck chairs with cushions and fluffy towels under the exotic umbrellas or you’re up for a swim, the cobalt blue and ashy sand will elevate your experience to an unforgettable moment.

Our Lounge is the perfect place
for a pre-dinner cocktail,
dry Martini, a Bellini, or a Manhattan.


Enjoy the turquoise paradise

With this vibrant feel, why not enjoy your champagne or cocktail by the waves? Spoil yourself… you deserve it – and we will deliver every assistance to this cause!
Discover your luxurious getaway to a turquoise paradise!
Take advantage of our brilliant beach staff and exclusive services, and let us organize a meal to remember while the sea is literary on your feet, on the table-boat on the beach to enjoy this sun-soaked experience.


Cocktail it up!

SEASIDE Bar Lounge is all about the Rhythm!
A social place where everyone can come together to enjoy the chill-out vibes and mingle with the elegant guests while enjoying nature’s painting of the sunset across the Cycladic scenery. With the beach just a few meters away, the sand on your feet, and the salt on your body, should we recommend a freshly made, fruity Margarita?

Laid-back yet elegant, an around-the-clock setting where you watch
the day unfold until
the sunset paints the skyline, and the moon peacefully sets the night on fire!

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Slide into our tranquil melodies
and soft groove with the candles
and lanterns completing
the dreamy atmosphere.